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The Only Digital Asset Exposure You Need

Private tokenized digital asset fund


Taking your investments to the next level

Our selective approach to digital asset investment starts with a thematic view and then focuses on particular assets that will outperform the market. Capitalizing on our in-depth market acumen to pinpoint future cornerstones of the digital economy

Buy and Hodl


Our DeFi Strategy provides privileged access to the most lucrative yield farming and airdrop opportunities. Utilizing advanced algorithms and exclusive networks, we position our fund at the forefront of DeFi's high-yield landscape.

DeFi Airdrops and Yield


We have exclusive entry into groundbreaking ICOs and private sales. With early access, we are able to capitalize on maximized gains. 

ICO and Private Placement


We’re good with numbers

Annual Returns

BDE Annual Return


BTC Annualized Return


S&P 500 Annualized Return


Annual Treasury Bill Returns


About BDE

We offer an unrivaled investment strategy in digital assets, exclusively accessible to a select few.

Our new fund at $5M in AUM is matched by a 10% allocation of our own assets to the total AUM, underscoring our confidence in our mastery in the digital asset landscape.
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